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Simone, is a passionate fireman for 33 years, who has always loved music and cycling.
He is always available for everyone and will win you over with his sense of humor and with his professionalism in the field of cycling.He is the one responsible for the repairs.

Chianti Bicycles

Francesca, is the point of reference in the family, who loves keeping the team together and finds a solution for everything.
She loves the sea and the flavors of Sicily and she grew fond of the chiantibicycles project and has carefully studied the decor of our premises.
You will be pampered by her useful tips for a nice stay in our Chianti area.

Chianti Bicycles

Paolo, was born in 1995, the youngest of the 4.
Handsome, busy being a First Aider, who likes sports and keeps his volleyball team together. He is a Fiorentina's team fan.
2 meters tall and mature for his age, knows how to get well organized and will convince you of everything with his bright and carefree eyes.

Chianti Bicycles

Silvia is the eldest sister, who has a great passion for singing and Italian music, has found her magnitute in the theater, and with the theater’s company of the V. Alfieri, she has had the opportunity to perform in many initiatives along the territory.
Traveling for her is never enough, and has learned English, useful to make you discover all the beauty that the Chianti area has to offer.

The Activity

From Chianti Bicycles you can rent hybrid or electric bikes, choosing to pick up the vehicles directly from our office or by using the home delivery service at your accommodation.

We have studied routes for you in places outside the tourist perimeters. In the collaboration with travel agencies, on request we can carry out tours with a guide who will guide you in unforgettable places. If you prefer to look around by yourself, you may rent one of our GPS devices and wander safely and freely.

During your tours, with our help, you are also able to combine lunches and / or dinners, with the renting of your bikes.
 The collaboration with the ABV agency will allow you to experience a cooking show and tastings at the numerous local wineries.

At our shop, you will touch with your hand our philosophy and you will have the opportunity to purchase items made with recycled materials, glasses, and official Chianti Bicycles merchandising all MADE IN ITALY.

Repair and assistance service is also available

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About us - Chianti Bicycles